Backup Express Online Backup provides a complete enterprise-grade backup solution, incorporating local backup, disaster recovery and online backup in a single elegant software solution*.

Backup Express Online Backup is an innovative solution to an old problem - that of maintaining reliable, up-to-date offsite backups of vital corporate data. It is a simple and economical way to backup your valuable business data using your internet connection.

Backup Express Online Backup is different from traditional backup systems. Online Backup uses your Internet connection to securely send your files offsite to the Backup Express Secure Online Storage Centre each day. Files are encrypted to ensure security, and your saved files are available for you to restore as needed at anytime!

  • Offsite Backup to our Secure Online Storage Centre using your internet connection.
  • Local backup to just about any device, including tape, disk, NAS or DVD.*
  • You can choose what data you want to backup. Backing up and restoring is so simple, anyone can do it.
  • Offsite and local backups* can be configured independently.
  • The powerful Scheduling built into Backup Express backs up your data automatically.
  • Your offsite data is stored securely using powerful encryption.
  • Intelligent Incremental Backup - Each time you backup, Backup Express compresses your data and transmits only the changes and additions.
  • Version retention allows you to restore previous versions of your files.
  • Backup your data files, your MS Exchange email store and your SQL databases safely and easily.*
  • It's affordable, and it's flexible ! Whether you want to backup just a few critical files, or your entire server, we have a solution to suit you.

* Local backup and disaster recovery backup are premium features available for a nominal extra fee.

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