Security & Reliability

MailWasha is designed to be extremely reliable. We understand that modern business depends heavily on email communications.

MailWasha runs on a redundant server cluster located in a major Brisbane data centre, with triple-redundant connections to the internet backbone via multiple carriers. Our servers are located in a locked cabinet in a swipe-card secured area, protected by 24-hour surveillance, redundant UPS, redundant air-conditioning and VESDA inert-gas fire suppression.

You'll notice a huge reduction in unwanted mail immediately. Our virus and SPAM patterns are updated hourly. We don't guarantee 100% effectiveness - you may still find an occasional SPAM email slip through because spammers are always looking for new smart ways to fool the anti-spam tools. Typical applications report a 98% drop in SPAM.

In rare cases it is possible for a new email-borne virus to slip through our defences, but since we update every hour this is rare. Still, best practice dictates that you should have some sort of Antivirus solution on your workstations as a back-stop.