Email Filtering that Works!

MailWasha - Email filtering that works!

  • Tired of SPAM and email-borne viruses?
  • Tired of wading through hundreds of SPAMs in your inbox every Monday morning?
  • Tired of having your mail servers hammered by spammers and DOS attacks?
  • Tired of having your internet connection clogged by junk mail, and paying for internet bandwidth just to have it wasted by SPAM ?
  • Tired of wasting time with inefficient filters that let SPAM sneak through while catching legitimate emails ?

MailWasha is for you!

Tap into years of experience in email security with MailWasha, the enterprise-grade email security solution from Backup Express. There's no software to install and minimal changes are required to your existing mail system.

MailWasha works by screening all your incoming mail before it reaches your server. Viruses and SPAM are screened out, and only clean, legitimate mail is passed on to your server.

The results are amazing. Your users no longer have to wade through the rubbish each morning. Your mail server is freed from handling thousands of unwanted emails each day and your internet bandwidth is suddenly freed up for 'real' internet use rather than downloading SPAM.