Why Archive?


Australian Corporations Law requires financial documents (including email) to be retained for five years. Government departments, under the Archive Act, need to retain email for seven years. As corporate compliance requirements grow stricter, email archiving is an important step in meeting record keeping and document discovery requirements.


In many businesses email has become the No. 1 method of communication surpassing the telephone, fax and regular postal mail. During contract disputes, litigation, disciplinary procedures or other disagreement you may need to prove what was said by whom and to whom, when it was said and what other parties may have been privy to the information. Many difficult situations can be avoided if you have access to a robust and dependable email archive.


A reliable email archive is one way you can ensure that your email communications is reliably backed-up, secure against loss due to equipment failure, user error, fire or theft. Your system administrator will thank you because users can easily recover their own emails without disturbing a technician.