Secure Offsite Enterprise-Grade Storage:

Backup Express is committed to taking the best possible care of your data.

  • Email is archived into tamper-proof message stores with bank-level security to prevent subsequent alteration, addition or removal of emails.
  • Our Email Archives are 'forever'. Emails are never purged - never. We expand our storage facilities as required to hold all your email for as long as you remain our customer.
  • Archives are protected using redundant storage servers in our primary datacentre as well as offsite replication to a secondary remote location and periodic snapshot backups.
  • All data is stored encrypted at all times on all of our storage servers.
  • All data is stored in Australian datacentres. No data is sent offshore.
  • The primary datacentre includes securely locked steel server racks, swipe-card security and video surveillance. Triple-redundant fibre connections to the internet backbone, redundant Air-conditioning, redundant UPS, diesel generators, VESDA fire suppression provide a secure and reliable environment.
  • Every one of our servers is dual-redundant with automatic failover and load-balancing to maximise availability.
  • Your archived data can be shipped back to you on portable media if required, usually overnight (a nominal service charge applies).