How it Works

Archiva is an Enterprise-Grade email archiving system that works with your existing email system. Archiva captures every message and stores it in a tamper-proof encrypted database. It also maintains a comprehensive set of indexes to allow easy but powerful searching of the database. Time and date, sender, recipient(s), subject, message text and even attachments are catalogued for later access.

Capture everything:

  • All incoming, outgoing and internal emails can be captured, indexed and stored*.
  • Archived emails include all sender and recipient information, including cc and bcc addresses**.
  • All emails are captured in near real-time and accurately time stamped.
  • All attachments are captured, indexed and stored as part of the message
  • * depending on the capabilities of your particular email server.
  • ** requires Microsoft Exchange with envelope journaling enabled.

Works with almost any email system:

Virtually all corporate mail servers provide the ability to collect a copy of every message and either place it in a special mailbox for collection by Archiva (using standard POP or IMAP) or forward it directly to Archiva via SMTP.

Secure Offsite Storage:

Most email archiving solutions generate an increasing volume of important data that needs to be protected against equipment failure as well as fire and theft. Archiva solves this problem by providing unlimited secure, redundant storage for your email archive in a leading Australian datacentre, with real-time offsite backup to a second secure location.

Search for important emails with ease:

Archived emails are efficiently indexed to allow rapid searching on all sorts of criteria including sender, recipient, subject, size, date range or message body. Even the contents of most common attachment types are indexed, so you can perform searches for a phrase inside a document, for example.

Recover emails easily

Archiva's Web interface allows emails to be viewed, printed or even recovered to your favourite email program with ease.