Features and Benefits

Archiva from Backup Express meets all the requirements of a true enterprise-grade offsite email archiving facility:

  • Archive all incoming, outgoing and internal emails
  • Define email archiving rules and retention policy
  • Archived emails are encrypted using triple DES encryption
  • Use a web browser to search to Search, view, print and retrieve archived emails
  • Search inside most common attachment types
  • LDAP / Active Directory support: login to the Web Console using Windows authentication
  • Permit/restrict employee access to the email archive
  • Maintain an audit trail of email archiving and email discovery activities
  • Archive and search emails in many different languages
  • Integration with most mail servers including Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007, Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, iMail, Lotus Notes and MDaemon.
  • Import existing emails from Outlook PST files
  • Import existing emails from Microsoft Exchange directly
  • Collect email for archiving using either SMTP, POP or IMAP
  • Fine grained access control and flexible role definition for auditors and regular users
  • Envelope Journaling stores all email header and addressing information (including BCC fields and Exchange groups)
  • Save search queries for later use
  • Digital signing of email archive, automatic and manual verification of archive integrity
  • Optional Microsoft Exchange Message Stubbing to control the size of your Exchange Database