Fine tune the behaviour of Archiva to suit your needs.

Flexible Archiving and retention policies:

By default, Archiva will archive every message sent to it, and will retain all messages indefinitely. This behaviour can be modified extensively by the administrator to meet individual requirements.

  • Choose to archive any combination of inbound, outbound or local messages.
  • Messages can be excluded from the archive based on email address or content.
  • The retention time can be configured based on a range of criteria.

Controlled, Secure and Flexible Access:

Access to the archive is via a secure Web interface, and can be configured to suit a range of needs.

  • Regular users are typically allowed to log into Archiva to view, print and retrieve their own inbound and outbound emails.
  • One or more 'auditors' may be defined who have access to all emails but cannot change the configuration of the system.
  • Administrators have special access for configuring the operation of the archiving system.

Flexible Authentication:

Users may be manually configured in Archiva by the Administrator, or alternatively Archiva can be configured to authenticate dynamically against your own Active Directory. No more problems with lost or hard-to-remember passwords - users can sign in using their existing Windows passwords. You can also use Active Directory Security Groups to determine the level of users' access in Archiva.