Backup vs Archiving

Backup vs Archiving - what's the difference?

Backup usually means a system that will assist in recovering from some sort of error or failure involving loss or corruption of data.

Email Archiving has value quite apart from data restoration. There are times when it may become necessary to prove the existence and content of email communications, the parties involved in such communications, and the timing or sequencing of such emails. For example:

  • Litigation
  • Resolution of other disputes with suppliers or customers (early resolution of disputes can avoid the cost of litigation)
  • Protection against possible accusations of inappropriate email correspondence (pornography, intimidation, illegal activities etc)
  • Internal disciplinary matters involving staff

Archiva as an offsite backup solution:

Although email archiving is not the same as backup, Archiva can perform a secondary function as an offsite backup solution for your email.

  • The Archiva console allows a user to quickly select a single email or a large group of emails and recover them to his inbox. So next time a user accidentally deletes an important email he won't need to bother a system admin - he can recover it himself in seconds (Notice we say 'he'. We acknowledge that women don't make these errors!).
  • Microsoft Exchange databases can be difficult to backup offsite because of their large size. Archiva provides an efficient alternative for offsite backup of even very large mail systems, capturing individual emails as they arrive.