New Accounts 14 day trial period:

All new accounts receive the first 14 days free of charge so you can trial the service. Following the trial period we will automatically invoice you monthly in advance or, if you choose to pay annually, we will invoice you annually in advance..

Invoices are issued on strictly 14 day terms. You may pay by mailing us a cheque, by making a direct payment into our bank account, or by using your credit card.

Please note that if you do not pay an invoice within the 14 day terms we may suspend your account. This will not delete your data, but you will be unable to backup or restore until all invoices are paid. If an account remains suspended for some time we may delete the account without further notice.

Direct Debit Details
Backup Express Pty Ltd
Name of Bank :
Bank of Queensland
Account No:

Credit card payments:

For credit card payments, please click the link below. We have chosen to partner with Paymate Express for secure processing of Credit Card payments. The Payment system allows you to make recurring or one-off payments from either your credit card or your bank account.

Pay with Paymate Express

IMPORTANT: It is vital that all direct debit or credit card payments use your Backup Express account name as reference so that we can track your payment. Failure to do this may result in your Backup Express account being accidentally suspended.

When using Paymate, include your account name as the Order/Item #.