Rapid Recovery

Exclusive to Backup Express, Rapid Recovery is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible following a major incident.

Imagine you arrive at work to find your server missing.  Or perhaps major data loss has occurred and the server won't even boot.  Your valuable data, all 100GBytes of it, has vanished.  None of your staff are able to work.  You could restore your data from Backup Express via the internet, but this would take a lot of time, and time is something you don't have.

  • You email support@backupexpress.com.au or phone us on 1300-369325 to request a Rapid Recovery Disk and confirm shipping details.

  • Then leave it to us.  You can get on with the task of arranging new hardware or repairing your server.  You might choose to restore a small portion of your most needed data via the internet onto a temporary machine.

  • We spring into action, exporting the entire contents of your Backup Express account, no matter how large, to a high-speed USB Rapid Recovery Disk.

  • The data on the Rapid Recovery Disk remains encrypted, and the disk comes complete with a restore-only version of our familiar Backup Express Software.

  • We ship the Rapid Recovery Disk directly from our Data Centre via overnight courier to anywhere in the country.

  • Next morning you receive the Rapid Recovery Disk.  You plug it into a USB-2 port on your newly-rebuilt server.

  • You run the restore software that is on the disk, enter your encryption key, and restore all your valuable data to your new server.

  • When the emergency is over, you ship the Rapid Recovery Disk back to us.

In order to ensure you receive your Rapid Recovery Disk overnight, you need to notify us as soon as you are aware of the problem, because it takes time to export a large volume of data from the server, and we do need to meet courier deadlines for overnight shipment. In general, a Rapid Recovery Disk should be requested by 12 noon Brisbane time to ensure overnight delivery.

Backup Express - we are on your side when disaster strikes.