Exclusive to Backup Express, ExpressCare is a pro-active system that alerts customers to many common problems that can threaten the reliable operation of their online backup system.

ExpressCare checks the operation of your online backup accounts every day and sends you a warning email if any of the following conditions arise:

  • Account usage approaching quota or at quota.
  • Account over-quota.
  • No backup recently received.

ExpressCare sends a warning to one of our technicians if it finds anything unusual in the operation of your online backup account. We then personally inspect your log files and make contact with you if any action on your part is required.

ExpressCare also generates a weekly summary report in an attractive easy-to-read format and sends it to you via email. The summary report details the status and operation of your online backup over the previous week.

ExpressCare is included FREE with every Backup Express account. As with any automatic process, we always recommend that our customers check the operation of their backup system and perform test restores regularly. But you can have confidence in knowing that if a problem occurs, you'll hear about it from us before it's too late.

ExpressCare is an initiative of Backup Express to improve customer service. It does not supersede the portions of our Terms and Conditions pertaining to customer responsibility.