Imagine - A Fire Destroys Your Office. In just minutes, all your computer equipment is GONE.

In today's modern interconnected world this should never happen to you! Not when you can use your internet connection to keep all your data securely protected offsite.

Backup Express is a progressive, fully Australian company specialising in internet-based security services. We offer a range of services to make your life easier and your data safer.

Do you struggle to regularly back up your data? Do you need a backup solution you can count on? Our flagship Online Backup service provides peace of mind for businesses of all sizes by making sure that critical business data is stored securely offsite.

Archiva is our email archiving solution. Keep a copy of all your corporate email locked away OFFSITE in tamper-proof, encrypted databases. Find emails quickly using our powerful search facility, without installing any new software on your system! Your email archive is held offsite at our multiple server locations and protected by our enterprise-grade security and backup systems.

Having a problem with SPAM and other email-based nuisances? Tap into years of experience in email security with MailWasha, our enterprise-grade email security solution. There's no software to install and minimal changes are required to your existing mail system.

Data Protection
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